Watch for the next one
or invite me to your space
3 hours

Puppets: backwards, forwards, twisting, and sideways on the ropes. Have fun and find new avenues of support and leverage in familiar poses and new ones too. 
Level 2 and up.  Max 12 students
 3 groups of 4 students, time for focused work on the ropes and time for play on your own between.


For solid level 2 and up.
Come learn to use the ropes for greater support and deeper challenge in your backbends. This makes the ropes ideal for both those who are stiff and those who are flexible in shoulders, groins, and spine. With support we can learn to move less where we move too easily and too much. With leverage we can learn to move in places that are tight and difficult to access.  There will be 4 groups with 5 persons in each group, so there will be plenty of time on the ropes and time to work on your own.  For solid level 2 and up (to get the most out of this workshop you must already be familiar with your body and the poses. This way we can all focus on how to use the ropes themselves to move forward.  Please consult me before registering if you have any back problems.





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