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Come with a partner, friend, coworker, classmate, acquaintance  come have fun exploring one of the most difficult of all yogas: the yoga of relationship. Finding balance with another can be elusive.
Is my partner giving too much or too little?
Is my partner wrong or right?
Is my partner meeting my strength? my vulnerability?
Is my partner too flexible or too inflexible?

When we practice yoga with a partner we feel subtle and sometimes not to subtle energetic shifts between balance and imbalance, support and challenge. We experience dynamics in our bodies that often lie below the level of the conscious mind. When those dynamics are embodied, we can bring them into mutual awareness. As we become more playful judgement fades and joy returns.

All are welcome.
Both beginners and accomplished practitioners: 
All poses can be modified to accommodate any body. 
The focus is less on performance of the pose and more on what the poses and your interactions are teaching you.

If you cannot find a partner, let us know and we will try to match you up with one.

Rocky and Carolyn have been teaching yoga and friends for over 20 years. We bring a curiosity about what sustains a relationship over time and a willingness to explore the challenges in our own friendship to this workshop.



Have you ever been in a pose where  you can't tell right from left, up from down, back from front?  Just think of the possibilities with four arms and four legs.  Yoga for Two is a workshop for pairs; we'll practice giving and receiving support in many forms. Have fun investigating new possibilities of entanglement. 




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What happens
With a love like that,
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